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Donna Kasseinova “Mario, thank you so much for an outstanding service on June 8th, once again! Your nephew was a sweetheart and one of your guys could actually speak a few phrases in Russian! :-) I’m writing to you to introduce another very good friend if mine, Svetlana who might need your services for her private party in July. Please give her a good price and take good care of her, like you took care of my other good friends, Natasha and Cheech Marin. Collectively we’ll keep bringing you more business!!! Thank you! “Donna

Jenna R. “Mars Valet was recommended to me by my wedding venue owner. The venue was a vacation home with very limited parking on a rough dirt road so it helped a lot that they were familiar with the venue. Their standard start time is only 30 minutes prior to the event start time and we had a lot of guests show up earlier than that, so I probably should’ve paid extra to have them start earlier. They stay until 30 minutes after the event end time which was fine- we had some people stick around so we just had those cars moved closer and they gave us all of the keys.”

Kelly Harold “Mars Valet did a superb job. They hustled and never had a back up. There were plenty of runners and were polite to all involved.Thank you guys! “Kelley


Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great service.
Danny with MARS VALET was extremely professional in coordinating everybody and updating me on the STATUS of everything. Every one did GREAT!!! Thank you!!! ”

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  • Everyone was polite and worked hard to make everyone happy.
  • Well organized, very professional Thank You!!!
  • Mars Valet ROCKS ! Always on time and incredibly accommodating for all of our guests.